Alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere on the Varsity Tennis Center property.


Tennis attire is to be worn while on court. Shirts must be worn at all times.


Cursing, yelling, racquet throwing, abuse to court surface, walls, ceiling or scoreboards will not be tolerated.


If you cancel a reservation less than 24 hours in advance, you will be responsible for the full court fee. Failure to do so could result in a revoking of membership.


All members must check in at the front desk before entering either the indoor or outdoor courts. Please scan your membership key tag at the desk.

Food & Drink

No food or drink is permitted on the courts except water in plastic containers.

Lessons can only be given by VTC approved instructors. All other lessons are prohibited.

Proper tennis court shoes with non-marking soles are required. Running shoes are not permitted. VTC reserves the right to refuse court usage if a player does not have appropriate court shoes. A change of shoes is required during the winter month.

Members may only reserve one court at a given time. No more than five players are permitted on a court. Courts may only be reserved one week in advance.
Varsity Team Cancellation

If your court is canceled or taken for varsity teams use, your next court time will be free of charge.

I like the idea of Permanent Court Time (PCT), but I don’t want to sign up for such a long time period. Can I reduce the contract length?

Unfortunately, no. We are offering three defined contract lengths only; these lengths cannot be modified (either shortened or lengthened).

How many people can participate in a PCT contract?

Contracts can be made between a minimum of one [1] or maximum of four [4] members. This means the total court fees can be split among a maximum of four [4] members and each would be responsible for their portion of the overall fee.

Note: anyone may play with you or your group during permanent court time reservations, if they hold a current membership or pay a guest fee each time they play. In other words, it’s not just limited to the members who split the fees on the contract!

What if I/we can’t play on any given date included in the contract?

You may contact the VTC front desk with as much or little notice as you like and request we put your court up for sale. Obviously the more notice you give us, the more likely your court is going to be sold to another member looking for random court time. If we are able to sell your court, you’ll be credited the full court fee by either reducing your next payment amount or crediting your account to be used for future bookings. The credit will be split evenly among all members on the contract (if applicable).

How many courts will be available for PCT at any one time?

No more than four [4] courts will be booked for PCT at any given time. We have a total of eight [8] indoor courts.

How will you prioritize requests for PCT?

Groups that held PCT contracts will receive highest priority. After that, we will prioritize requests on a first come, first serve basis. Applications for the longer “Fall + Winter” contracts will be accepted first and therefore given priority over shorter “Fall only” or “Winter only” contracts.

How will varsity matches and practices impact PCT?

Although not expected, we reserve the right to cancel all reservations (including permanent court time) for unforeseen varsity team needs. If cancelled by VTC, you’ll be credited the full court fee and given an additional $10 house credit for the inconvenience. The house credit can be used for court time and guest fees only; it cannot be used for concessions or merchandise.

Varsity matches will be listed as blackout dates and therefore not included in your contract. Visiting team practice needs will also be included as blackout dates when necessary.

What if I change my mind or suffer an injury or illness and cannot participate in physical activity?

All payments will be non-refundable. However, if you replace a member on the contract before the next installment date, he/she can assume responsibility for that portion of the overall fees. If not replaced, the other members will absorb any remaining balance.

I can’t afford to prepay 50% of the contract total up front. Will you offer a different payment plan?

Yes. In response to popular demand, we are happy to offer two different payment options.
Option 1: Pay the same rates as random court time. We will require 50% of the total within ten days of a confirmed contract or your first day of play (whichever occurs first). Similarly, failure to pay the remaining 50% balance before the published due date will nullify your contract.

Option 2: pay week-to-week at the time of check-in for an additional $2/hour fee. The court will be booked under the contract holders’ names, but anyone may participate and simply pay the court fee each visit. In other words, you’re paying more for the privilege of week-to-week payments. The contract holders will ultimately be held responsible for all court fees.

How will permanent court time contracts affect my ability to get a random court reservation?

One of biggest benefits of PCT is eliminating the need to call-in and hope a court is available on the day and time you want to play. Obviously the more PCT requests we receive, the less court time will be available for random court reservations