Contractual Commitment: Your signed application for Permanent Court time, on a specified day and time is considered a binding contract and you are financially obligated for the court time during the entire length of the contract. We regret that the inability of a group to coordinate its players to its contracted time period will not allow release from this contract. Submittal of application does not guarantee court time

Application: Each group is responsible for appointing a captain. All correspondence is channeled through the group captain. The captain should submit one application per group. All participants must be current members. An application fee is not required this season.

Booking length: PCT will be available for either 1, 1.5 or 2 hour bookings.

Participation: PCT contracts can be made between a minimum of one [1] or maximum of four [4] members. For example: the total court fees can be split among a maximum of four [4] members. Note: anyone may participate in your Permanent Court time if they hold a current U-M Varsity Tennis Center membership.

Exception Dates (Black Outs): Permanent court time contracts will NOT include dates during which the facility is closed or unavailable due to Varsity Tennis Center events or team practices. 

Member/Group Cancellations: Although we will NOT change the length or exclude specific dates from a contract, you may notify us in advance to put your court time up for sale. It then becomes available for other members to book as random court time. If sold, you’ll be credited the court fee, i.e. we’ll either reduce your next payment amount or credit your account to be used for future bookings (spread evenly among all contract participants).

Cancellations by VTC: Although not expected, the Varsity Tennis Center reserves the right to cancel all reservations (including permanent court time) for unforeseen varsity team or maintenance needs. If canceled by VTC, you’ll be credited the court fee.

Billing Option 1, No additional fee (same as random court rates): 50% of the contracted total cost will be due within ten [10] days of a confirmed application or on your first day of play, whichever occurs first. For example, if you submit an application for Fall + Winter PCT on August 17 and we confirm availability of your requested day and time on August 27, 50% of your total fee will be due on August 30. The remaining 50% will be due according to the following schedule:

Contact Length

1st Payment
50% of Contract Total

2nd Payment
50% of Contract Total
Fall + Winter
Sept 19 – Apr 30
Due within 10 days of confirmed contract or first day of play (whichever occurs first) January 15
Fall Only
Sept 19 – Dec 19
Due within 10 days of confirmed contract or first day of play (whichever occurs first) October 16
Winter Only
Jan 4 – Apr 30
Due within 10 days of confirmed contract or first day of play (whichever occurs first) February 15

Billing Option 2, $2/hour additional fee over random court rates: instead of paying the total contracted cost fee in two installments (as in option 1), groups may pay week-to-week for a $2/hour premium surcharge. Contract will still be made between a maximum of four members and those members will be responsible for any unpaid court fees.